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Marks Tey Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Since the draft Plan was accepted by the Parish Council in December 2020, it has successfully passed through all the stages needed for Colchester Borough Council to organise a referendum on whether it should become part of its new Local Plan. The final version is now ready and Colchester Borough Council has become responsible for the referendum process and ballot cards have been delivered to all households.

All relevant documents are on Colchester Borough Council’s website, including the final version and a useful general statement on neighbourhood plans and local planning. You can also read the final version below, with the 15 policies which are the core of the Parish Council’s plans for the future growth and development of Marks Tey. Anyone with questions about the referendum should look at the Neighbourhood Planning section of the Borough Council Planning Department’s website.

Below are the other six documents which were written during the draft Plan’s progress.

1) The Character Assessment, which is the document which provides much of the factual background to the draft Plan

2) The MasterPlan, which helped to turn the vision of a draft Plan into practical policies

3) The Consultation Statement. This has two parts, one being a description of how the Plan came into being, from when the Parish Council agreed that it needed one to give some protection against large scale development, the other being a summary of the comments and criticisms sent in by local people, public agencies, voluntary bodies and landowners

4) The Basic Conditions Statement. This technical planning document shows how the draft Plan has been drawn up in accordance with relevant planning laws and regulations.

5) The Appendices. These contain details of everything done related to the draft Plan: all the surveys, consultations and dates of activities

6) The SEA screening document. This states that the draft Plan does not need a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Dates, Membership, and Steering Group Minutes

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