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Draft Local Plan 2017-2032

The Parish Council have resolved that if future development is to come to Marks Tey Parish, whether this be as a Garden Community, or, as with other Colchester communities, simply as additional housing, the Parish Council should interact to try to influence the developing Colchester Borough Council Local Plan for the period 2017 – 2032 so that Marks Tey Parish and its residents gain by all phases of that development. We have have pressed CBC for increasing involvement with what is happening, and have made representations and spoken at CBC Committee Meetings. We have had presentations from CBC and their consultants and from the major developers putting forward sites around Marks Tey. We have also held public meetings to debate the issues and tried to inform every household of when these are held. These presentations are aimed at making information available to the public and informing Councillors.

Current Timeline of representations and submissions

January 2020 – Gateway120 presentation Design Brochure,  Infrastructure DeliveryHighways AssessmentPlanning Authority Consultation Submission

30th November 2019 – Marks Tey Parish Council consultation submission withdrawn due to lack of public support for any of the routes at the Parish Council/Cllr Bentley public meeting held at 11.00 that day.

25th November 2019 – Marks Tey Parish Council Report on Highways England consultation on 2 additional A12 route options through Marks Tey should the Garden Community be approved. Click here and flier to affected residents Click here

9th September 2019 – Marks Tey Parish Council analysis report on CBC Additional Evidence and Modifications to the Plan and suggested Consultation response Click here

22nd July 2019 – CBC Local Plan Committee consideration of additional evidence and alterations to the proposed Local Plan for public consultation (19th August to 30th September 19) and resubmission to Planning Inspector  Click here  Have Your Say presentation made by Marks Tey Parish Council Chair to Committee.

April 2019 ECC – A12 Housing Improvement Fund Bid. Marks Tey Parish Council analysis of the proposals and implications Click here

10th December 2018 Chairman Presentation from Full Council meeting with update on local plan. Click Here Along with copy of Letter to the inspectors Click Here  and the inspectors response Click Here 

24th July 2018 – Marks Tey Parish Council Review of Planning Inspector’s 8th July 18 response to Local Plan Pt 1 Click here for Review

9th April 2018 West Tey presentation to Parish Council Click here The presenters stressed that that the presentation does not show finalised designs but indicative principles and concepts about what the proposals could look like.

12th March 2018 RF West Ltd presentation to Parish Council Click here

22nd January 2018  Parish Council response to Development Plan Consultation – Garden Community Click here  

9th January 2018 Parish Council response to Planning Inspector re Additional Documents fo the North Essex Authorities Section Plan Examination Click here

18th Nov 2017 – CBC Exhibition at Parish Hall (10.00 to 14.00) on Garden Community Issues and Options consultation.

8th Nov 2017 – The Chairman of the Parish Council  made a statement at the CBC Local Plan Committee meeting when CBC agreed to consult between 13th Nov and 22nd Jan 2018 on further detail on the Garden Communities. Click here for statement Click here for CBC Garden Community Report

Aug – Nov 2017 – CBC and consultants David Long Assoc working up Local Development Plan proposals for the Colchester/Braintree Borders Garden Community. Marks Tey Parish Council involved in Workshops with other Parishes, briefings on evolving proposals, and commenting on issues expressed as important to Marks Tey residents via the NP questionnaire returns. The Local Development Plan process is how CBC will develop and get approval to greater detail on the proposed adjacent Garden Community. This will follow the same process as the proposed Local Plan i.e. Issues and Options, Prefered Approach, submission for Government Inspection, Approval (aimed at 2019 implementation). Each of the initial states will involve public consultations.

August 2017 – Marks Tey Parish Council response to the CBC Local Plan Consultation. Click here

14th July 2017 – Marks Tey Parish Council public meeting on the Local Plan – with CBC Chair Cllr Paul Smith, MP Priti Patel, ECC Dep Leader Kevin Bentley.

July 2017  – North Essex Garden Communites website.  For up to date information

May 2017 – See attached CBC Draft Consultation Drop in Sessions including Marks Tey Parish Hall Saturday 1 July 10am to 2pm. Click here

13th February 2017 RF West Ltd presentation to the Parish Council. Click here

January 2017  Colchester Borough Council Local Plan Newsletter.

16th September 2016  Please click here for the Parish Councils response to the local plan preferred options consultation. Colchester Borough Council jointly with Braintree and Tendering Distrcit Councils have engaged Garden City Developments Ltd to advise them. Click here for details of the Garden City approach. 

July 2016 – Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation – for update Click here

July 2016 – The Chairman of the Parish Council  made a statement at the CBC Local Plan Committee meeting.  Click here for the statement

18th May 2016 – With the decision on the Local Plan due in June the Parish Council resolved that the Chairman should write to CBC with its views on the Emerging Plan and the development of Marks Tey Click here

8th February 2016 – Presentation by CAUSE re the background to their group and vision fro Colchester and Marks Tey   – presentation available here

27th April 2015 – presentation by Gateway120 re their aspired development to west of Marks Tey. Presentation available here – follow up correspondence  Question 1   Question 2 

26th February 2015 – Parish Council meeting resolved to make a four page submission to Colchester BC on the Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation. View the submission here

16th February 2015 – presentation by RF West Ltd re their aspired development to east of Marks Tey. – presentation available at: – follow up correspondance available here