23rd June 2021 – Statutory Consultation on Highways England proposed A12 Widening

28th April 2021 – Highways update re scheduled A120 roadworks starting 10th May 2021

12th April 2021 – Highways re schedule A120 roadworks

12th March 2021 – Highways England update planned work A12 junction 25

18th December 2020 – A12 Junction 22 to Junction 24 update from Highways England

30th November – Wilsons Lane temporary Traffic Regulation

9th November 2020 Marks Tey Bridge update from Essex Highways

29th October 2020 Marks Tey Bridge Update from Essex Highways

23rd October 2020 – Wilsons Lane – Temporary traffic Regulation

21 October 2020 – Marks Tey Station Bridge Works – Update from Essex Highways

21 October 2020 – Coronavirus update from ECC

28 September 2020 – Essex Highways – update on station road bridge

11/09/2020 – Closure of Great Tey Road – Essex Street works team

24/08/2020 – Essex Highways – updated plan regarding Proposed Parking Bays removal and uncontrolled pedestrian crossing – Marks Tey Station


Temporary Closure of Footpath 11, Marks Tey

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that from the date specified below, the Essex County Council has temporarily closed to all traffic under Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, Footpath 11, Marks Tey in the Borough of Colchester, from the gate at the boundary of railway fence line to the gate on the opposite side of the railway.

The closure is scheduled to take place on 22/04/2020 for 21 days and is required for the safety of the public due deterioration of the timber decking on level crossing.

Alternative route will be via A12, Footpath 3, Feering, Elm Lane and vice versa.






TEL: 0345 603 7631

DATE:  22/04/2020

A12 Consultation – Public Meeting 30th November 2019

At the Public Meeting on 30th November it was clear that residents present did not have a clear majority view for any route. 

This is an important issue that directly affects our community, therefore the Parish Council withdrew their agreed response as a Council, but encouraged residents and Parish Councillors to submit individual responses so that the diversity of opinions in the community can be reflected in the consultation process.

Essex Highways presentation 9th December 2019

Rail Bridge Works, Station Road/North Lane – Scheme Drawings 

Drawing-1 Drawing-2 Drawing-3 Drawing-4 Drawing-5 Drawing-6 Drawing-7 Drawing-8 Drawing-9 Drawing-10 Drawing-11 Drawing-12 Drawing-13 Drawing-14 Drawing-15 Drawing-16