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In Marks Tey and Little Tey there are about 20 footpaths/bridleways. Some are just a few metres long or come to an abrupt end, however many lead on to footpaths of surrounding parishes, offering the opportunity for limitless walks, jogs or runs.

Peter Wimbledon is a local resident and is walking all of our local footpaths to check for obstructions and other problems, keeping the footpaths open for all to enjoy.

Many of the walks can be found on his Youtube channel

All footpaths can be found on the interactive Public Rights of Way map

1 226 From Byway 21 towards Salmons Lane. No problems
2 326 Great Tey Road to Little Tey Church. No Problems
3 469 Great Tey Road to Motts Farm. No marker sign at Motts Farm
4 478 Great Tey Road via Pippins garden to Little Tey Church. Mostly clear. Access to Pippins garden through hedge possible. Most people use parallel byway.
5 470 Church Lane Little Tey towards Salmons Lane. No problems
6 None
7 312 A120 to Church Lane Little Tey. No problems
8 148 A120 at Elm Lane. North to FP 5. No problems
9 None
10 334 Motts Lane Bridleway. No problems
11 1446 Elm Lane to A12. Rail crossing blocked for repair. Footbridge damage. Sign misplaced.
12 813 Wilsons Lane to FP 11. Sign at junction broken held with cable tie
13 None
14 62 North Lane to Roman River. No problems
15 300 London Road to Railway. Completely blocked with vegetation.
16 225 London Road to A120 via playing field. No problem
17 697 Turning circle towards Copford. No problems
18 573 A12 to SE. No problems
19 471 A12 Potts Green to SE No problems
20 532 Methodist Church to Copford. Some damage to footbridge. Still usable.
21 495 Byway. Little Tey to Great Tey Road. Rutted but no problems.
Grangers Lane Not signposted yet. Will flood at western end. Large tree partly blocking route at western end.

More information coming soon.