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Marks Tey Parish Council

The council is made up of seven parish councillors and a number of support staff.

Parish councils are formed to provide services like allotments, play areas, village halls, public toilets and control of litter. They also have to be involved in any planning applications in their area.

Your Parish Councillors

Name Committees
Gerald Wells (Chair)Ex officio member of all Committees
Malcolm Bailey (Vice Chair)Chair of Finance, Staffing & Establishment, Premises 
Trish Wynne Willson Community Events, Finance, Staffing & Establishment
Maureen CallenCommunity Events
Kate Evans Chair of Community Events, Premises and Finance
Albert ThomasChair of Staffing & Establishment
Mashukur RahmanCommunity Events


NameContact Details
Catherine Clouston (Parish Clerk and RFO)
Brigitte Taylor (Assistant Clerk)
Tracy Millard (Hall Bookings Clerk)
Kerry Lant (Operations Administrator)
07505 949 645